Thursday, 18 April 2013

An Interesting Week

So, this week has been weird. A lot has happened and I'm pretty sure it's going to continue.

First of all, my friends have all somehow doubled in the amount of energy they have per day - I even got one of them to participate in our PE lesson! This was pretty weird for me since the most I've seen my friends usually do is walk a bit then sit down at the nearest thing that's possible to sit on. This is normal for us; we are really lazy.

Another thing, I've put so much work into my art exam preparation that I don't recognize myself anymore. There's a part of me that's determined to do well and there's another part of me that wants to stop. I'm so close to the deadline for this project and I still need to buy a canvas to paint on.

Everyone is general just seems...happier! Our exams are so close and yet everyone seems so relaxed like they have all the time in the world. And me? I'm more stressed out than ever - work during school, work after school with babysitting on the side, waking up to catch a bus in the morning so I actually arrive on time to school. I have never noticed how much school is involved in my life until now. The pressure is on and the exams are 5 weeks away.

My only advice to myself and to others in the same situation is to just breath...

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