Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sunny Days

I'm pretty sure that, if you're in the UK, this isn't the first time someone's mentioned the sun - either rejoicing it or complaining about it.

I love the sun; it reminds me of the Philippines. I know I wasn't there for long but the warmth on my skin just gives me that hearty feeling of love and security. It also brings everyone's moods up, whether they want it to or not. For me, the sun is a reminder of life and how precious it is (especially if you're in the UK). However, we all know the sun is only a gigantic star at the center of the universe but without the sun, there would be no life, the earth would be too cool to live in and the animals would not survive... well, maybe the penguins and polar bears. Also, it keeps us in orbit. Who knows where we would be by now if it wasn't for that great ball of fire.

I love going for walks - especially when it's sunny. I can barely open my eyes (no racism please) when it's bright since I am quite sensitive to light, but I just love that feeling of being outdoors. That warmth of your skin, that gentle breeze on your hair, the magnificent view of the trees' leaves just gently swaying in sync with each other.

 Every single day the sun is behind those clouds here in Britain and for once, it's decided to shine. So, don't forget to wear your sun lotion guys, or else you'll end up like one of my friends - she's already sun-burnt!

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