Monday, 6 May 2013

An Eventful Bank Holiday

I started my first shift at a charity hospice shop. Normally, on weekends, I don't wake up before 11am. Ever. But now I have to. My work shift is 9.30am - 1pm every Saturday. I did fine and amazingly I wasn't half asleep. I never knew that a charity shop could contain so many clothes that were fashionable, cute and my size. Usually I contribute to charities by doing fundraisers and donating money. I've never actually been in a charity shop for more than five minutes before last Saturday. There were so many clothes that I loved and there were even wedding dresses and prom dresses in there!

To continue, that Saturday afternoon, I was meant to go meet up with some friends. Unfortunately, I had to cancel because my mum was meant to be my ride there on the way to her workplace but then she decided not to go to work since she felt ill. I didn't mind - we just moved the day to this Saturday.

The sun was out! I spent a good part of the afternoon outside in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts; it was really, really hot outside.

I helped my dad and my brother repaint the fences and the shed in the back garden. This was actually pretty fun (and tiring). I didn't realize until about halfway through that I was wearing a light brown t-shirt, dark brown shorts and was painting a fence chocolate brown. It was a really weird coincidence.

Then, we had a barbeque for dinner. It was the perfect way to end a pretty exhausting day.

That night I was revising - maths,science and english. I did pretty well, in my opinion, of staying on task. I feel less nervous about the exams coming up and glad that I finally got back into the routine of revision after a whole two weeks of doing nothing.

Monday (today)
I woke up quite early since my body's used to waking up for school on a Monday (obviously). I spent more time in the sun, went for a walk and in the afternoon my dad took my siblings and I to a park for a picnic and to get out of the house.

It was really fun and gave me the idea of taking my friends out for a picnic if possible. Knowing them, they'd probably want to stay inside glued to their computers.

Hopefully this week will be just as eventful although I wouldn't mind a bit of a rest.


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