Friday, 31 May 2013

Arts and Crafts

Yesterday, whilst talking to a friend over Skype, I got the idea of making something by weaving pages of magazines together. He made his own little strip which was pretty cool so I thought I'd make something that, as well as for show, is usable and practical. I made a box. I know it's not brilliant but it was a good start.  I had some help from other sites on how to make one and it now holds my hair straighteners and hair curlers. I'm also in the process of making one to hold my stationery just so I can make a bit of space in my very cluttered cabinet.

The sites that helped me were:

This only took me about an hour. I have a lot of magazines lying around - they're all clothing magazines. I used a mix of pages from an Asos magazine and a H&M magazine. The pages were different sizes and the ones from the H&M mag were slightly thicker. I started in my room then realized it would be a lot easier doing this on an actual table so I moved downstairs to the dining table. 

The box wasn't exactly brilliant but this was only my first go and yes, that is the Sesame Street poster on my wall. The box isn't big, it's about 20cm tall. When I finished making one side, I thought I could use it as a cover for one of my sketch pads then found it was too small. The front and back pieces are reinforced with cardboard to help  the box stand up. I really should've done the same with the sides. I used a lot of tape.

Also, about 2 weeks ago I made a mood board from the images in my magazines. I thought it would be nice to share this as well.

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