Monday, 20 May 2013

Bring It On

This morning I had my first exam - English Literature. Trust me, it was so intense - I had a mental breakdown for about 10 seconds. It was just a rush but I recovered quickly. The exam paper looked so different from the mock exams that I was wondering whether or not I was in the right place.

Anyway, once the exam started I just wrote and wrote and wrote. Our teachers advised us to plan first but I didn't. I felt so pushed with the time I had that I just wanted it over and done with. However, I did put my all into it. I wasn't going to slack off; I'm taking English Literature for A-Levels and I need this grade to be great! I managed to finish with five minutes left which was enough time to quickly read over my work and make sure it was actually legible. Great tip for exams guys: Make sure you write neat. If the examiner can't read it, they won't mark it. They have hundreds of papers to go through and I doubt it's a fun job. If they can't read something, they won't spend hours trying to decipher it.

Now, I'm here, at home eating a bowl of cereal. I didn't have breakfast because I was only at school for a mere hour and a half. I feel better now that the first exam is over and done with and I only have fourteen more to go... Yay...

What else can I say other than "Bring it on!"?

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