Friday, 3 May 2013


I'm starting work at a charity shop in my town soon. Hopefully they see me as a good volunteer and will actually keep me. I haven't officially applied yet but they're letting me do a few hours worth of work to see how it feels and if it's where I want to be. I know I'm going to love this job - I love helping out, especially for a good cause. I know that I will have to talk to people and I consider this as good practice for when I actually get a paid job when I'm older.

There aren't many people my age that do voluntary work; if you do, I salute you. All of the other volunteers in the shop were old. I was the only teenager. Now, this didn't make me feel uncomfortable or threatened. No, this made me feel disappointed. Disappointed in my generation. You see all of these posts and messages on Facebook and Twitter criticizing the current youth of this earth - we waste our lives on drugs, alcohol and late night parties but does any good actually come from that? I see lots of people around my age encouraging others to donate to charity and to help the less fortunate but nothing happens.

I've been a charity representative in my school for a while and, no, I'm not the kind of person who waits around for a teacher to tell me what to do. When there's a fundraiser I get involved. I make an effort. Working at this shop is just a way for me to do more.

I'm not writing this to boast about how awesome I am when it comes to charity. I'm writing this as encouragement. More of us should be getting involved and I know that so many people already do things like marathons, collections, even small charity events like parties and bake sales. They do so much and it's just unbelievable. But, they are mostly done by the older people, the generation before mine.

I see all these advertisements on TV and shows on TV that view our generation as weak and ignorant - we're not! We are more than capable of helping others and society views us wrongly. There are teens an young adults who help, who donate. The problem is that we need a push. The world's getting lazy. We have all of this technology so work gets easier, life gets easier and we forget.

Also, most people who donate to charity are people who have been affected by something. Usually by a family member who's died of cancer (this encourages someone to volunteer for a charity that supports research into cancer) or they have cancer and want to do something good before they leave. It doesn't need to take something like this in order to do some work. Just do what you can.

This may sound like a huge plea for help - it is. Charity work doesn't survive without people and it definitely won't survive without money. Pick a charity, volunteer, donate. (By the way, there are way more charities than just the ones shown below)

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