Friday, 10 May 2013

Happy Birthday

It's my dad's birthday and we celebrated, obviously, by going to a Chinese restaurant then coming home so full that all we can do is sit here in the living room. We're not even watching TV.

Before this, we went to the city's shopping centre after school and roamed around but didn't really buy anything except for cookies. I was also on the hunt for shoes for prom but I didn't really find anything I liked and a pair that would match my dress so I guess it's back to exploring the internet to see what I may find.

My dad was being his usual self - singing in a mock Chinese accent with the songs playing in the restaurant (and doing it quite loudly!), pointing at everything he liked in the shop windows going "I want that for my birthday! And that and that!" and of course, biting my finger whilst I was feeding him pretzel. Yes, this was in public and was in perfect timing with my friends, who just so happened to be there, walking past and witnessing what was happening. It's fair to say that my dad is one of the most embarrassing dads on the planet. But, that doesn't mean I don't love him.

My dad is hilarious - he's always cracking jokes. No other parent would consider bringing a Nerf gun into school to shoot the guy who's been bullying his kids. He's also really clever and, most of all, he's a big child at heart. You'll find him around the house playing with lego, the Xbox, the iPad, anything! However, once he's out of the house, he is a manly man. He'll fix the fence and repaint it too (with my help) - actually, he'll fix just about anything in this house. He's like a Filipino Bob the Builder.

Anyways, I hope you had a brilliant birthday, Dad!
I love you x

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