Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hunting For Shoes

Considering that I didn't sleep two nights ago and I slept around 12am last night, I am really tired. But, today was an important day. Today was the day I had to find my my shoes for prom. It sounds like no big deal - prom is two months away but knowing me, if I didn't make a move towards finding shoes, tights, a bag, anything, I'd be going to prom in my pyjamas.

Anyway, I woke up today around 9am; I had to force myself. Usually, I'd wake up around 12pm when there's no school but I was meeting up with my friends at 11am. I rushed getting changed and decided to skip breakfast. I bought a pretzel when I reached the shopping centre. It was the first thing that I did before finding my friends - they were in McDonald's.

I won't go through every single detail of the trip. Frankly, I'm just too tired. We visited about 20 shops and I think I tried on around 25 pairs of shoes. I really didn't have much luck today - the shoes I found were either too expensive, too big/small, or just not my style. Some were also really uncomfortable. There was a pair of heels in New Look that I just fell in love with - they were cheap but durable and so comfortable. However, they weren't my size! My mood just dropped then and I seriously felt like giving up but I really wanted to get a pair today before I lost the motivation to shop for them. We went to a few more shops and, eventually, after 3 hours... I found a pair of shoes that suited me and were pretty comfortable from Debenhams. I still would have preferred the ones from New Look but they were fine. For now. I haven't taken the price tag off and I kept the receipt. If there ever comes a time where I go back to New Look and get those heels in my size, I will return the ones I bought today. 

I did get sidetracked during the shopping and bought a red and white cropped top from Topshop. I made sure I had money for other things than the shoes since I knew that something like that would happen. Before the little shopping trip today, I did have my eye on a pair of shoes from New Look - different from the ones today - that were slightly cheaper than the ones I bought. Can you tell that I really love that shop?

Anyway, I bought my shoes and a pair of tights to wear. I'm fine with showing my legs when I'm wearing shorts but with a dress? No way! They do match my skin-tone and I wore the whole outfit today to make sure I didn't look ridiculous. I liked how I looked - you could see the scars I have on my legs but that wasn't much of a problem. I'm not really looking to stand out during prom but I would like to get noticed.

All I need now are some accessories and since everything I have right now is black, I was thinking I should wear a gold necklace and bracelets just to bring some colour onto my outfit. 

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