Sunday, 12 May 2013


Having a blog is quite difficult. I still consider myself new to all of this and I've already run out of ideas on what to talk about next. I know most blogs have their tutorials and weekly updates and all the rest of it but that's actually quite difficult to do.

This blog has no topic within it. It's literally about anything I feel like talking about but there's only so much that I can say. I'm not trying to be some well-known inspirational person. Frankly, I can't deal with the attention of more than 5 people at a time; it scares me. People scare me.

Right now I feel very limited. It's like none of my ideas are good enough to talk about or that there isn't enough to talk about. This doesn't mean that this blog is going to be stopped. I've already given up on my YouTube channel so there's no way that I'm going to give up on this.

On the other hand, I do need a break. Not at this very moment in time but eventually I'll have to pause and focus on other things that are more important like the exams that I keep going on about. They're my priority and when they're all done and out of the way, then I'm sure that ideas will keep coming and coming. After all,  the summer is next and I know a lot's going to happen then. No more studying and no more school.

Also, because only a few people actually read this blog, I have no idea what to say on here. I have no guidance from my own audience so I just go with what I feel like writing. I don't know if what I blog is what you want me to however, I do know that I'm doing something right or else no one would be coming back to this.

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