Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Say Cheese!

The photo taking has started and guess who was the one person who didn't wear any make up today? That's  right. Me. I wore mascara but that didn't really make much of a difference to my face.

We had pictures taken of our technology class last week and pictures of the Italian class and Business Studies class today. I tried to hide myself but somehow I wound up at the front of each photo both times! I don't know how I managed that but, looking at the photos, I say that they weren't that terrible.

Anyways, I'm guessing that more and more photos will be taken tomorrow; it is our last day after all. Also, we all get our shirts signed by everyone in the year. My only fear is that my shirt will be barely covered since I don't have that many friends. Hopefully, the day will go well; the sun will shine, the birds will sing and I won't leave with tears. I'm actually quite happy that I'm leaving already - I guess that the shock of leaving hasn't hit me as much as it has with everyone else because I know that I'm going to see most of them after summer. Not a lot of people are actually moving school this year. However, it will most definitely hit me after 6th Form. Why? It's the time that we're all going our separate ways. No one's coming back to school; it's all about the universities and apprenticeships.

I know there'll be a lot of goodbyes tomorrow - I just hope I don't have to say goodbye to people I never expected to leave.

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