Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Last Day

As you all know (considering I've been talking about it a lot), this was my last day of Year 11 before the exams and, oh my god, it was like everything was moving at the speed of light. Shirts were being signed everywhere I turned and there were tears, laughs, farewells and, of course, practical jokes.

Okay, let's go right back to the beginning of the day - I woke up at 5:30am! Normal? No way. I was pretty shocked myself when I saw the time on my phone which, by the way, was resting beside me on my bed since I fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with my boyfriend (oops). Anyway, I decided to go back to sleep considering it was way too early to do anything and woke up again around 7am - much better! I went downstairs and had a bowl of cereal (yes, breakfast is a thing I do now) and then changed and left. I took a spare shirt with me for signing since we weren't allowed to get the top that we were wearing signed.

Moving on, when we were in registration, chaos erupted. No one could settle. Everyone just wanted to say their farewells and sign each other shirts. I got mine signed by friends - old and new - and some other people in my form decided to join in. I didn't mind that but I really wanted our form tutor to sign it too.

During our first lesson which was PE, the teachers thought it would be a good idea to spend the last ever PE lesson with us playing parachute and playground games. This was probably the most fun I have ever had in a PE lesson. There was so much energy and laughter and, amazingly, no casualties although someone did step on my leg when we played ladder; it was a very dangerous game.

Next was our Maths lesson (we had a break in between) and my maths teacher, the best teacher ever, was on the brink of tears but she managed to hold it back. She attempted to teach the class for about ten minutes then realized we weren't going to pay attention; she gave up. The whole lesson was spent taking pictures and signing shirts and giving Miss her presents - she deserved them, especially the card from Carys ( and I. We love her loads and she was so funny. That lesson also consisted of a very dangerous game of "Shnap!" and, frankly, I sucked at it. I was always the last one to react and it was just so confusing. Don't bother trying to figure out the game because I had no clue what was happening half of the time.

Then, it was science and, again, no work happened. We're all aware that are exams are happening - they've already started - but, we still wanted to have fun on the last day. Some people though got too carried away. About halfway through class a stink bomb when off. The culprit was caught eventually but it did mean the deodorants and perfumes had to be used to the max to try and eliminate the stench. It was dreadful.

Fast forward to the final assembly: there were tears, laughs and lots of goodbyes. Most of the teachers were like waterfalls! The water was just gushing from their eyes. There were photos of the year sliding across the background: the guys in dresses, the girls in equally silly outfits and sports days over the years. I'll be honest - I did get very emotional but I managed to hide it quite well. I wasn't going to make a fool of myself!

I hate saying goodbye but I know I had to. To all of my friends leaving, just know that you were awesome and I will miss you greatly. This was the best year ever!

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