Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Barbecue

On Tuesday, 25th June, the UK was blessed with a very sunny day (and good timing too). I had a barbecue with my friends and we were so glad that the weather was nice for the whole day.

I woke up extremely early just so I could clean up around the house and prepare the barbecue. Since my dad wasn't going to hang around as he had work, he fired up the barbecue around 10am and no one was going to arrive until 12pm so it was really hard to make sure the fire was still going and we were running out of coal. Luckily, just before he left, he bought some more.

My friends arrived one after the other and didn't take long for us to get the barbecue going. I let one of my friends take over since there was a high chance I'd just burn everything until all of the food was just a pile of ash. We had kebabs, burgers and sausages; the kebabs were the first things to go - as soon as one was done, it would be taken by someone and devoured really quickly. I think it's safe to say that they were delicious! We also had other food like cupcakes, crisps, jammy dodgers, sandwiches and spaghetti (which no one ate). We also had a lot of J2O. My mum had to go out and buy some more because there wasn't enough! 

Also, since our back garden has a playhouse and slide and we have a load of Nerf guns in the conservatory, we let our inner children out; there was a Nerf war with only 5 bullets and everyone went down the slide. Knowing us, we knew something bad was bound to happen and out of all things it was this - everyone got their bum stuck in the slide at one some point in the day but, fortunately, not all at once (that would have been weird). The slide was made for 3 year-olds and we're 16...
There was also ice and water going down people's shirts and a lot of screaming. Being the teens that we are, we played "21 Dares" which led to some weird dares being performed - I had to lick mayonnaise from someone's knee.

The barbecue itself went quite well. We didn't burn anything although, we did drop 3 burgers into the coal under the grill and my mum accidentally dropped 4 on the floor. I also got ash on some of the sausages whilst trying to put the flames out - I poured some water into the coal and a giant ash cloud formed like a small volcano top. It blinded us and I was crying whilst attempting to fan it out of the way.

The only thing that would have made the barbecue even better is if my boyfriend was there but he forgot and claimed no one told him about it...

After the barbecue, I was left with one person - Carys ( - she was sleeping over. We were both tired from the barbecue and, when we got back inside the house, all we did was watch TV and eat. Once everyone else got to bed and we were the only two awake, we had facials like what any other girl does at sleepovers. I had a red raspberry mask and it looked like my face had been ripped off. It was so hard not to laugh or smile because we both just looked so ridiculous. After that, we watched movies until we went to sleep - I managed to get through watching "21 Jump Street", "Fired Up" and "The Parent Trap" but I could only manage a few minutes of watching "Scary Movie 2" before I passed out. I don't know what time Carys fell asleep but we both woke up around 6am to move around a bit since we were asleep in an awkward position - she was sitting in the sofa corner and I was lying on her arm.

The whole of yesterday made me feel so relaxed and like a teenager. It's been a long time since I've had a  friend over for a sleepover and I don't really get a lot of time with friends. Also, I like that we didn't have to rely on alcohol to have a good time.

One more thing - Carys snores.

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