Sunday, 30 June 2013

A Summer Job

It's my summer holiday. It's two months long and there's a lot that I want to do. But, I can't do anything without money. I'm not implying that I have absolutely no cash; I have around £80 on me. It's not a lot of money when you think about it though. For my summer projects, I'm going to need around £15 on just fabric and any textile product needs more than just fabric. To go to the cinema and hang out with friends, I'll need about £20. I also need money for the bus so I can actually get around and more money for food and other necessities.
At this point, you're probably wondering why I don't just ask for money from my parents. I don't like doing that. I like being independent and I want to show them that I can survive on my own and that I know how to make responsible choices since the money that I have is solely from babysitting and pocket money from my dad.

Anyway, I'd like a bit more extra cash and I know that there are a few summer jobs going around. It just seems like those jobs are anywhere but here and, when I actually do find a job that I like, the employers want someone with previous experience or qualifications which I don't have. This doesn't mean that I haven't found any jobs at all. I have. They're jobs that I would not have applied for if it wasn't the summer but I'll do anything to make extra money. They're both restaurant jobs which I wanted to avoid because I really wanted to work in a store. But, like I said, it's only for the summer. I applied at McDonald's (don't make any comments) and I actually don't regret doing it. I know that having a job there gives you the stereotype of someone who doesn't have any dreams or goals and, sometimes, people laugh at you. But, when you think about it, so many people love McDonald's and without the workers there, you wouldn't be able to enjoy a Big Mac or a McFlurry when you want to so I think it's time that they get some appreciation.

If I could, I'd go outside and look for a job on foot and I'd probably find more that are suited for me. However, since I'm always stuck indoors babysitting, I'm very reliant on the internet. Hopefully, I do land a job soon and, right now, I don't mind if it's in a shop or a restaurant. I'll still provide service with a smile. :-)

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