Monday, 10 June 2013


While I was babysitting my sister earlier, I realized that I am a grown up. All my sister wanted to do was pop bubbles and drink juice and there I was next to her stressed out and revising for my exams: Science, Italian and Maths. It got me thinking about times when I really didn't care about anything and just did what made me happy. Back when I didn't wake up ten minutes early to straighten my hair and put on some eyeliner. All I did was let my hair be its wavy, barely controllable self and let my face be my face.

We're all growing up (some people at a later stage than others) and that leads us to forget about how simple life is. Everything in life is like a bubble. Remember the times when bubbles popped in your eyes and made you cry? That pain was emotional as well as physical. We feel like the bubble hurt us and didn't like us and, if you were weird like me, thought that the bubbles were little soap minions attempting to take over the world - the bubbles that I had in Philippines and those that I made when I was younger were pretty strong and would just rest on the floor so I was convinced they were evil. Anyway, those bubbles get replaced as we get older. They turn into relationships, work, family. Instead of letting the bubbles float where they want to, we try to control their paths which leads to them eventually popping. As kids, we loved it when they popped but always wanted more bubbles. We knew that they would get in our eyes and sting them so much that they would turn bloodshot. But, we weren't afraid. So, why are we now?

They're just bubbles.

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