Sunday, 2 June 2013


Last Saturday was quite an embarassing day for me. It wasn't because of one big thing that happened but because of a lot of little things.

To start with, I was practising walking around in my new heels for prom for about 20 minutes before work and I tripped more than I expected to which wasn't fun but I got the hang of it in the end (and I was half asleep so give me some credit here). Once I got my feet back inside flat shoes, I had a really funny walk. I didn't know what happened - the best way to explain it would be to imagine that a ukele player, who was so good at his skill, was suddenly given a cello. That's what it felt like.

At work, I bumped into people and was constantly apologizing. I don't know if this was because the shop isn't that big or because it was just really packed. I stepped on a lady's toe and then bumped into her again about 2 minutes later. I felt really really ashamed of myself. I know I was being hasty - the clothes rack for women's tops was close to empty and every single time I went out to add some more clothes about double the amount was gone. I was actually quite relieved that I didn't have to change the mannequins that day. Seeing how clumsy I was being already, it was probable that if I did change them, at  least one of the mannequins would have fallen over and hit the display behind it.

After work I went to get a Subway. I expected to have money - I brought money for the bus, food and (thank goodness) my Subcard. I was expecting to get the £3 lunch offer at Subway since that's what normally happened whenever I got one. I always have a Turkey and Ham Sub or if I'm there before work, a breakfast sub. Anyway, I didn't get a £3 lunch and I was thinking about how much trouble I was in. Then, I gave the cashier my Subcard; I have never been more thankful for that thing. I had enough points for a free sub! This meant that I only paid for the Dr Pepper and didn't have to walk home which would have taken nearly half an hour. But, on the way back to bus stop a really bad thing happened. Really bad! I was walking and eating my sub and I didn't realize how much the Dr Pepper was shaking in my hand. When I opened it, the thing was like a fountain and I lost around a quarter of the drink.  I got soaked and this was right in the middle of the shopping centre and I was standing right next to a homeless man. That's right. He was begging and looked so hungry and I was there with a Dr Pepper volcano looking like I didn't care. I tried to laugh it off but next week, if I see the man again, I am going to give him a drink. That's a promise.

Later that day, my boyfriend was meant to come pick me up for a date and arrived nearly one hour late. During this time, my little sister dragged me out for a walk around and then started crying in front of people I didn't know because it was time to head back home. I was so worried. I didn't know what to do. When he did arrive, I was a bit annoyed that he was late but I shrugged it off. We had a barbeque with his family which was really fun and, I have to admit, I didn't want to leave.

When I got home, the people who live around us were having a drunk-fest outside one of the houses. When they saw him taking me home, they started singing "Hold My Hand" and then awed really loudly. My mum went out to join them. That was worse. I just wanted to sleep after that.

On the other hand, one good side to last Saturday was being greeted by 1000 pageviews on this blog. Thank you.

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