Monday, 17 June 2013

Father's Day 2013

Yesterday was Father's Day (obviously) and my dad spent it sleeping. Unfortunately, he had a fever and was feeling really bad so we let him sleep on the sofa all day. He woke up for dinner then fell right back to sleep straight after. I think the dinner made him feel better because right at this moment, he's watching action and thriller films on Netflix and I doubt this will end anytime soon - it looks like he has control of the TV for the whole day.

I love spending time with my dad. There are times when we become inseparable and act like best friends - we have Nerf gun fights around the house and wars on the Xbox. We also had a snowball fight in the car park outside of the house after arriving home from watching Milton Jones. This is how I feel father-daughter time should be spent; doing something that's fun and something that both of you want to do. But there are times in my life when my dad and I don't completely get along. I don't really like to focus on these little moments since they don't last long and every teenager has these times with their parents.

However, I also want to acknowledge those people that didn't have their dads with them yesterday. This may have been because you have separated parents or because of something bigger like your dad being a member of the army. Whatever the reason, I'm sure that they wished they were with you too. It's  hard for me to feel what those people do because I have always had my dad with me. When he wasn't with me because he moved to England, I was still quite young and I can't really remember how I felt on Father's Day without him. I do know that, when he was reunited with us when we moved here, I felt like hugging him and not letting go. I remember the first day he went to work with us in our old flat in England - we had only been with him for two days and I was still jet-lagged. I never really considered the fact that he wasn't going to be with us the whole day for every single day. So, I sat on the window sill and cried for the whole day. This was ten years ago but this is one of the memories I have from the flat that's still quite vivid.

For those that didn't have their dads with them, I hope you get the chance next year and I'm sure that his thoughts for the whole day were about you. For the ones with dads that have passed away, treasure the memories you have with him. I know there's no way of bringing him back but keep him alive in your mind.

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