Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Induction Days - Day 1

Today was induction day for sixth form at my school. It was quite eventful but it didn't really give me a taste of what sitxh form is like. The lessons felt rushed and I feel like I achieved very little today.

Morning Assembly
The day started with the whole of the year piling into the theatre to meet our new head of year and our not so new pastoral helper - when it was announced that it was the same person as last year, the whole room just moaned and whined because we do not like her at all. I do feel some sympathy for her because this happened right in front of her and, although she smiled at us as this happened, I could tell she was hurt inside.

This assembly also gave us a chance to look around and see the new people that have come from other schools. There weren't many of them; most of them were sat in the row in front of me.

Tutorial and Team Building Class
I knew most of the people in Tutorial but the class itself just seemed to last forever. We were we given a form tutor that was as exciting as a brick and he just talked and talked and talked. He looked like his face was melting and whilst he was talking, saliva was building up at the sides of his lips. I was not paying attention to anything he was saying.
But, the activity we were given was actually pretty good - we had to recreate or explore the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The group I was in was kind of into it but that died down quickly. If we had a more exciting form tutor, I'm pretty sure that everyone would have actually been involved in the lesson.

Team Building class was also pretty useless. We did a bunch of exercises that just confused me. I didn't understand what the point of it was or why we were doing it. I did, however, find out that I'm like a bee - I can work by myself and as part of a team and I'm good at building and making things.

This was my first real lesson of the day. We didn't have a seating plan so I could sit next to a friend.

The whole lesson was focused on algebra and quadratics since you have to be really good at algebra in order to survive the first year of A-level Maths. We managed the work quite well and finished before everyone else. We made silly mistakes like putting a "plus" sign down instead of a "minus" but overall we did alright. He argues that I did all of the work but I didn't.
Also, we got summer homework for maths. A whole booklet of algebra questions to fill in. Yay...

English Literature and Language
Now, I feel like I actually did some work that was worth doing in this class. It was the last lesson of the day and I was really glad about it. Again, we had no seating plan so I could sit with a friend. This class was probably the smallest one I've ever been in; there was only around 20 people in it.

The focus of the class was spoken language but we got to do a bit of creative writing as well which I love doing. I found that bit extremely easy. We also had discussions on language itself and the effects that the tone of voice and the context have on the case study.
This felt like a real lesson to me and I really feel that I can imagine how English lessons would go in September.

Overall, I feel like I didn't really enjoy myself during the lessons. On the other hand, during breaks and lunch, it was fun. I was with my friends and, because I wasn't wearing school uniform, I didn't feel so choked up by a tie. I was also able to wear jewellery and eyeliner without having the fear of getting told off for it. It definitely made me feel more relaxed.

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