Saturday, 22 June 2013

My Bike

Yesterday, my illness (I'm still not completely sure what I have) was controllable and I was able to do some work on my bike. This was something that I hadn't planned but my dad seemed to think it was a good idea and bought new parts for it anyway so I didn't really have a choice. His bike is already nearly done and it already looks as good as new.

My bike looks like a car ran over it. Twice. It's dirty, the body is damaged and rusty, and the tires had absolutely no air in them. I haven't touched it in nearly 3 years - it's just been lying in our bike shed - but the weather's getting warmer and I'd rather bike to work instead of taking the bus. It's cheaper and I'll get some fresh air. Lucky for me, there's a bike rack just outside of the charity shop I work in. Anyway, my bike is near to dying but with some changes and repairs, it will be as good as new just like my dad's. I've already cleaned it so it looks a lot better without all the dust and mud on it. I've checked and pumped the tires and changed the brakes. I should mention that my dad did help me with this since I've never repaired a bike before. All that I (or we) need to do now is to change the pedals and give the frame a new coat of paint; I'm considering a nice dark purple or violet coat with some black decals along the back but we're probably just going to paint it white. One thing's for sure though - it will not fall apart!

You're probably wondering why I bothered to keep a bike like that for three years. We've never thrown away any of our bikes and I think we were right to do that. I'm finally back in the mood to ride it and instead of spending over a hundred pounds for a new one, all I need to do is fix the one I have. It's cheaper and, honestly, fun. I'm still ill but this hasn't stopped me from doing anything. Just like my bike, my body's being repaired and fixed so I can get back to being healthy. Unfortunately, my bike can't do this on it's own like I can and it would be a real shame if I just threw it out. I'm pretty convinced it has feelings so I'm not going to do that to it. It's probably been really bored in the shed since everyone else in my family still use their bikes. Mine's just there waiting to be taken on another adventure.

P.S I forgot to take a picture of it before all of the work but I will take one once it's finished. If you want to know what it looks like - rusty handlebars, purple handles, it has a light pink and purple frame, the decals are all torn off, and the seat is scratched slightly with the word "Sabre" on the side.

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