Saturday, 8 June 2013

Strange Things

Most people on this earth never really stop to see what's going on around them and it's a real shame that this happens. A great example of this was during work today.

In the charity shop, we have a new clothing rack full of dresses and there was a man who was more than eager to try them on. Why? He was preparing himself for a stag night. He was putting the dresses against his front to see what they would look like and it amazed me how people could walk by this and not notice. They were all going about their business and only about 3 people gave him a funny look. Now, seeing what he doing, I think he expected some eyes going his way and looking confused. I don't know if this is because people have seen weirder and funnier things or they're hardcore followers of the "Mind your own business" rule and, trust me, most people aren't. Now, since the shop didn't have a changing room, he tried on the top of the outfit he chose in the staff room. He looked ridiculous and he knew it; everyone knew it. Of course, we laughed and one of the other volunteers saluted him for his bravery.

Another strange thing that happened today was that a man, with long hair but going bald at the top of his head, was walking around the high street in a skirt. Not a kilt, a skirt. He had some weird looks on his but I liked that he expressed his individuality. I'm guessing he knew as well that he would get some weird stares because I've seen that man before and he usually wears trousers and a shirt when he visits the store. Again, it surprised me that only a few people seemed to notice and I felt really awkward being the only one who managed to see it.

I'm pretty sure I've missed some things as well today since the shop was short on staff so I was on my feet the whole morning. I even went out to buy a bacon roll from Greggs for my boss because she was so busy and was unable to do it herself. It was an errand I never thought I'd have to do. It also made me realize that a lot of work goes into managing something as small as a charity shop. I had to fill a whole rack with dresses, making sure the hangers faced the correct was and take out all of the clothes that were outdated to make space for the new clothes which I had to bring out as well. Normally, there would be about three of us to do each one of those tasks separately. I was alone in this and my arms feel like they've just done a complete workout. I am pretty weak though.

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