Friday, 28 June 2013

The Induction Days - Day 2

So, despite the terribly grey weather, today was actually a lot better than yesterday's induction day. To start with, I actually did work for both of the lessons that I had. There wasn't any writing since I did Product Design and Art - only drawing - and I loved every single minute of it. I got the chance to use oil pastels which I haven't done in a long time; I always avoided them for some reason because I find them difficult to work it.

Anyway, here's a summary of today:

Social Enterprise
This wasn't a lesson - we just looked around at "stalls" set up in the library which promoted things that we could do outside of the school curriculum to support and enrich us during sixth form. These courses could also possibly help us to gain more UCAS points for university.
I'm not going to lie and say that it was really interesting because it really wasn't. Most of the things that were there were things that I didn't really like but I did manage to find three things that I could do when I start in September:

  1. Language Leaders - Since I'm not doing Italian for sixth form, I thought I could do something on the side with it. This course allows people to go to primary schools and work with the foreign language teachers to teach and assist lessons. I found this useful since I'm planning on working with fashion and retail which is becoming more and more worldwide.
  2. Extended Project - I want to do this one because the project is completely controlled by you - the topic, the deadlines, the planning and the amount of work itself. It can be research-based or a practical project (which is what I want to do). I'm planning on making either a dress inspired by the Victorian era or a whole outfit inspired by Vivienne Westwood.
  3. Volunteering - I already do volunteering in a charity shop so having the option to go and work some extra hours during the week is a nice offer to have. 
These courses are done when I'm not in lessons and I like having the opportunity to do something that's worth doing instead of just sitting on the sofa all day doing nothing. The Extended Project will give me something to do at home and Language Leaders gives me something to do during my free periods at school and I'll still have time for my friends.

Product Design
There were some new people in this class but I didn't mind since I was with most of my friends. The project we're doing this year is to design a baseball hat, craft knife or peg and they had to be influenced by nature. This meant that I got more summer homework...

My friends all chose to design a craft knife but, being the fashion and textile lover that I am, I chose to design a baseball hat so that meant I had to separate from them. The people I sat with were very quiet and two of them moved away halfway through the lesson because they found the baseball hat too difficult to work with. I felt alone and right in my line of sight was my friends all sat together which didn't really help. 

The lesson itself was alright. I spent the lesson designing and I now have four quite quircky drawings of baseball hats.

This lesson started with a task of ordering a number of portraits by the dates they were painted. I have very little knowledge of artists and the one painting that I could recognize was the portrait of Van Gogh. However, since we were working in groups, we were able to share our knowledge of art and we actually did pretty well. We got a few paintings in the wrong place but so did everyone else.

The next task was to pick two of the paintings and draw one in the style of the other. I chose the portrait of Van Gogh and another portrait by Modigliani (I don't know who that is; they're name was written on the corner of the painting). Because there wasn't a lot of time to create a piece by paint, I decided to use oil pastels. For a rushed piece of work, it turned out better than I thought it would. Unfortunately, I'm not going to post a picture of it since it does look like something a five year old could pull off and it's already in my cabinet with the rest of my stuff. I am too lazy to get it back out again.

I have no school until September!!

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