Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Little Things

Have you ever had those times where you see or hear something good, bad or weird? Or experience something that changes your view of life? Those little moments that make everything the way they are. We don't really see and notice how small things can have such a big effect on what happens in the future.

I'm going to use teachers as an example for this:

Today, I was one of the first people out of the Italian exam since I only had to do one of the two papers. This meant that I had to wait about 30 minutes for my friends and my boyfriend to leave so that I could walk to the bus stop with them; I don't like walking alone. As I sat on one of the fences near the school's car park I noticed things that I probably wouldn't have noticed before. One of the biggest surprises would have to be the amount of people that went home early because of injury or illness. I always thought that only one or two people got sent home each day but this was near 30 students. Then again, there are over a thousand students in the school so I guess this made sense. Also, I never thought the teachers would be friends with other teachers. I understand that they're friendly to each other because they're all in the same place and I know that few are married to each other but I never realized that they go on walks outside of school during lunch times. I even heard my head of year say "like" more than once in a sentence and was talking about her boyfriend which got me thinking - when she's not teaching, does her brain work like a typical teenage girl's? Do all teachers become immature like us sometimes? I get that they have to look professional and neat but under those clothes there are tattoos and piercings.

We never see these things and yet they're there. They shape the personality of the person and gives us a closer look at what they're really like. These little things can have so many implications. Things like actions and fashion choices really do show a lot if they're noticed and most of the time they're not. We're missing out on so much!

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