Monday, 1 July 2013

Acceptance: Boys Will Be Boys

I find it funny how guys are more in touch with their feminine sides now. When I look at my dad and then look at my friends and brother, the difference between them could not be clearer. I don't know if this is the same with you, but my dad is that guy with the beer belly and the 5 o'clock shadow whereas my brother is slim and toned and uses more hair products than me. Weird, right?

My brother is serious about staying is shape and looking good - he walks around the house topless and can't walk past a mirror without making sure he looks alright. Also, I have never seen someone so obsessed with their hair; my brother uses hairspray to keep his hair looking sharp and uses a hairdryer to make sure it points in the right direction. And, he usually asks me if his outfit is OK whenever he's going out with some friends. He makes me look like a guy... I only ever do my hair when I'm going out with friends or to a party. During the majority of my last weeks of school and my exams, I did nothing more to my hair than brushing it. I really didn't care how I looked. I don't take exercise that seriously either; I know I need to do it so I only do the amount that I have to do. On most days, you can catch my brother doing push ups, sit ups or crunches on his bedroom floor.

Another thing - he's not the only one I know who's like this. His friends all use hair spray and I would call them silly if they didn't actually look good. I have friends myself that pay more attention to their hair and clothes than other people. My own boyfriend straightens his hair even though he doesn't really need to.

On the other hand, my dad is the complete opposite. He's your typical man - does a lot of DIY, drinks beer, wears a t-shirt and shorts combo most of the time and doesn't do a lot of exercise (although, he is fixing up his bike to go on bike rides).

Guys are becoming more and more "metrosexual" and I'm completely OK with that. Some people, especially the older generation, feel weird about by it but it's time to accept it. Men are more neat and tidy now. Guys would rather be just toned enough so that you can see their abs and arm muscles; they don't want to be big like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Times have changed.

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