Thursday, 18 July 2013

Another Barbecue

Earlier today, I was at a friend's (Emily's) house for a barbecue. The weather was really hot with the occasional breeze; we started to hate it after an hour.

I arrived about 20 minutes late (which was expected) and the barbecue wasn't even on fire yet. I was the second person to arrive. I helped to start it up but it took us forever to get a fire going; as soon as it was burning, the wind would blow it out. The coal was agonisingly stubborn and didn't light at all. We used a whole load of matches and lighter fluid and nothing worked. We even tried using a disposable barbeque which decided not to work as well. We got some pieces of chicken and a few burgers on the grill but they didn't cook at all.

Then, about 30 minutes later, we got a call from two more friends that were supposed to be there. They were taken to the wrong place by the taxi driver - there was a typo in the postcode he put into the SatNav. Instead of arriving outside Emily's house, they were dropped off about 5 streets away... We had to guide them back to where we were through the assistance of Google Maps. That was a lot more work than I thought it was going to be. Also, no one else arrived after that - it was just the five of us.

We all worked hard on trying to get the barbeque started. We drowned in it lighter fluid, added paper plates and used a lot more matches. The lighter fluid burned but the coal didn't; it was so frustrating! After another hour, we managed to cook one burger and two pieces of chicken as well as roasting some marshmallows. This, I feel, was an achievement. But, we were all starving.

Emily decided to just cook the rest of the food in the oven so we could eat something. As soon as we sat down to eat, the wind stopped! It really wasn't our day. We still ate outside and pretended that the barbecue went well but gave up again and went inside.

We ate on the living room floor, listened to Emily's terrible music and chatted. Whilst rummaging around CDs, we found an old DVD of their Year 6 leavers' play - funniest thing ever. I've forgotten about all those plays we were forced to do back in primary school and I'm so glad I never have to do any of those ever again.

After that, we just chatted until it was time to go home. Today really didn't go as well as any of us expected and none of us sugar-coated the fact that the day went horribly.

Also, we're planning to have another barbecue next week which, hopefully, should go a lot better. And, maybe this time, my boyfriend will actually show up...

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