Monday, 15 July 2013

Apocalyptic Dreams

I know I'm weird but this, to me, is just ridiculous.

Lately, I've been having weird dreams about the apocalypse and they usually contain zombies. I can barely remember them - they are dreams after all but whenever I'm still only half asleep or just lying in bed in the morning, I get weird thoughts (which I consider dreams) that I can still remember now. I don't know if it's because I seriously miss watching "Walking Dead" or if it's because I'm currently obsessed with "The Last Of Us" (that's a game) but something's definitely happening in this head.

The first dream that I can remember is probably the most random thing to ever happen in my mind. It wasn't long until I was fully awake so I never found out the ending to this. This dream starts off with a normal day in class. We were wearing a school uniform - it wasn't exactly the uniform of my current secondary shool but I was wearing a uniform - and I was in a class. Then, I get up and walk over to the library where I see my boyfriend - at this point, I kind of figured out it was a dream because you'll never catch him in there. Anyway, I ask him something... I don't know what... and I turn around and I'm standing outside of a doorway in the middle of the night. I start running and then I wake up.
Not exactly apocalyptic but it did scare me. I had this dream a couple of weeks ago.

The next dream I can remember happened around last week. In this dream, I was in a diner with some friends. I walk over to counter and I buy a pair of tights... Why? I'm not completely sure. Anyway, I walk through the door behind the counter and I'm in a bedroom with the Scooby-Doo gang and I could hear groans and footsteps outside which, I assumed, were zombies. I ran around the room for a while then I woke up again.

I then had a nicer dream a couple of nights ago. I was part of some fairytale land and I was, apparently, the tourguide of the place. I was showing some of my friends around - there were mermaids, centaurs, fairies and elves. After a little while, I woke up. I doubt that I actually finished my tour...

Then, two nights ago, I had a more vivid dream of the zombie apocalypse. Our house was heavily fortified (barbed wire, metal doors, bulletproof windows etc) but the only people left were my sister and I. One of my friends was a zombie but he had self control and was living with us - just not in the same room; he might eat me. Then, two more friends show up with one of their dads and his friends. They all had weapons (I did too) and we formed a pact to keep each other safe. This story is still happening in my mind and I really want to continue it for some reason. I haven't actually gotten very far with this little story so it kind of tells me that I need to be asleep for this to continue. It's like my own little version of Walking Dead.

Am I crazy?

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