Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Being Short

Since I am only 5ft 5in, there are a lot of things that I can and can't do. I embrace my height - it's something else that makes me different from the people I know. Why? I'm the shortest out of all my friends from school but I'm the tallest out of my Filipino friends outside of school. I get made fun of for being short; I get praise from being tall! It's really weird...

Things I can't do:
  • Dunk a basketball
  • Reach the top shelf of the kitchen cupboards
  • Look down on most people

Things I can do:
  • Wear petite-sized clothing
  • Pretend to be 13 (I did this for a laugh and it worked)
  • Wear heels without towering over everyone
  • Get piggy-backs from people
  • Wear cropped tops like normal tops - I have a short torso

Things I thought I couldn't do but actually can:
  • Model for a catwalk show (I made a dress and wore it on a catwalk show. It was pretty terrible and I don't know where it is now)
  • Wear dresses that go to the floor and not trip up
  • Date guys shorter than me - it's not awkward!

Things I have to do:
  • Take more steps/less steps to keep up with people - 5ft 5in is a really awkward height
  • Buy clothes that are made for flat-chested people (short + Asian = small boobs)
As you can see, this is a really random post. I just wanted to share this since I was with my friends yesterday and they constantly went on about my height since I haven't seen them in a long time.

Book Update! I finished the book I'm reading. I read the rest of the book (over 200 pages) in about three hours. I stopped to eat food and walk around - sitting for a long time makes me sore - but I was hooked onto it until the end. Now, I have no idea what to do. Should I get another book? Or succumb to the TV?

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