Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Expiration Dates

Nowadays, life moves on really fast. So fast that by the time you're up to date with the latest trend, a new, a "better" trend comes along. Everything we have, see, eat, and wear constantly changes.

I remember when scoobies were all the rage. Remember those? Back in Year 6, everyone had one on a keychain or wrapped around their wrists. We all knew at least 2 different ways of looping them together to make patterns or to make little sculptures. Now, nobody cares about those things. Nobody. I still have my little stash of scoobies somewhere but I don't really take notice of them anymore.

More recent examples can be found on TV and in clothing stores. Remember those big fake glasses that everyone wore? Yeah, those have died down. I don't wear mine anymore and I used to wear them everyday. No one really took notice, I guess, since the trend died down slowly. On TV, shows change all of the time. We get bored easily. I remember the times when playing with a boring little rock could entertain me for a whole two hours. Now, I can barely finish a TV show. It's the same jokes, the same plots, the same stories with nearly every show on TV. I used to watch The Vampire Diaries a lot - six hours during the winter on Netflix watching new episodes. I haven't watched it since. I got bored of it and so would you. All of the Twilight hysteria has gone now.

Everything in life has an expiration date. That one day where everyone goes "do we really care about this?", "I'm bored of this", "I guess it's time to throw this away". Life used to be a country road - we would savour the moments and become aware of everything around us. And, we didn't want to get away from it all; the road needed to continue. Now, it's more like a motorway - everyone's driving in the fast lane. We're in one trend for a few minutes and then we see a way out and get on another motorway. We don't have a destination in either situations but, with the country road, we enjoy the journey. Now? We're just sitting back, travelling in straight lines and getting bored.


  1. Do you remember silly bands? OMG! I have like 100's and now I haven't heard that word in 3 years.

    1. Yes, although I only had about three of those from friends. They were constantly getting confiscated at school.


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