Friday, 5 July 2013

I Am A Penguin

Caffeine does bad things to me. I don't know why but I seem to react to caffeine a lot more than my friends do. To start with, I just get so full of energy that it gives me a false sense of confidence and I move around a lot more.

I had a mocha frappe (with caffeine) from McDonald's today before seeing "This Is The End" with Carys ( It was an awesome fill and we just laughed the whole way through it.

Anyway, before the film, the amount of energy I had started  to increase (thanks to the frappe) and I decided to be a penguin:

It was a really short cut-out so I had to crouch down and I'm pretty sure the people walking by were giving me weird stares but I didn't really care.

In the cinema, I made a good decision of not buying a can of "Relentless" like I usually would but I still found myself moving around quite a bit in the theatre. I started with my feet on the floor, then moved them up onto the seat in front of me since no one was there. About 75% into the film I found myself in a weirdly comfortable position: I had my left foot on the seat next to me, the other on the gap in between the seats in front of me and I had my right arm leaning on the armrest next to it. 
After the film, we walked to the shopping centre and I was walking on the edges of the underpasses that were sightly higher than the path. (I apologize for the blurriness)

This wasn't the best idea since I have extremely bad balance but it was fun. Also, I bought another mocha frappe because it tasted so nice; I have never had so many brain freezes from one drink! It was scary but it's deliciousness made it forgivable.

We saw some friends from school whilst walking around the shopping centre. Some just walked by us, some stopped to talk to us and some we purposely avoided. There was a moment during the day where we hid around clothing racks in Bhs to get around a certain person who was walking towards us. We weren't seen and I felt like a spy for a whole 30 seconds. It was mean but had to be done.

Overall, it was fun and I haven't been out with any friends in a while. I was full of energy despite getting up early (10am) and it's been a while since I had a pretzel. Yeah... that was the only food I had during my little adventure but it was a pretty big pretzel.

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