Sunday, 28 July 2013

I'm Reading A Book

Here's something I've never done in a while - read a book. More specifically, a novel.

On Wednesday, the charity shop I volunteer at got a load of book donations from those mobile libraries that drive around. We got all of their unsold books from a school fete. Then, this morning, we got more boxes from people. I've never sorted through the books before; I usually sort out the clothes but, since the shop didn't have a lot of staff this morning, that was my job. I sorted out the clothes later on.

I'm not really one to be interested in books; I have a few in my room - mostly those collectible ones with the fairies. Do you know what I'm talking about? I've forgotten the name of the sets - Rainbow Magic, I think... but they come in sets of 7 and the author is Daisy Meadows. How awesome is that name? I also have Jacqueline Wilson books but everyone's read those.

Anyway, I came across a book earlier called "The Perfect Lie" by Emily Barr. I borrowed it from the shop and, yes, I will bring it back. What am I supposed to do with the book after I've read it? It looked pretty attractive so I put it to one side and took it home after my shift.

I didn't start reading it until around 7pm tonight and I'm already addicted. I've already read about 50 pages (there's 405 in total) so I think I'm doing alright. I'll probably be able to bring this back next week! It's one those books that keep information from you and reveal it later on in the book. It's really difficult to find a stopping point since you just want to find out about this and that. As soon as you find out about one thing, another little mystery arises.

I've read another novel before this one. "The Garbage King" by Elizabeth Laird. It was a pretty good book. I got it in Year 7 when everyone got the chance to get a free book thanks to the school. I only finished reading it about 2 years ago; I can't remember why I stopped reading it. I guess I just lost interest.

I'll keep you guys updated on what page I'm on within the next few posts. This book is so good I can forgive all of the typos within it. There are a few...

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