Sunday, 7 July 2013

My Brother's Birthday Weekend - Saturday

This weekend was my brother's birthday weekend. It was pretty relaxed and fun and I thought it would make a good weekend post.

The day started like any other Saturday - I woke up dead at 8am  to get ready for volunteering. I changed into some nice clothes and I felt a bit dolled up just for a bit of work but we were going to the shopping centre straight after. I had some Fox's Biscuits for breakfast and my brother was already awake so I said "Happy Birthday" to him before I left.

It was probably the busiest Saturday in the store that I've ever experienced. There were definitely a lot more people which wasn't that surprising since it was sunny. This meant I had to double the amount of effort into my work so that shelves stayed tidy, the amount of clothes didn't decrease too much and the customers all got the help they wanted. This was all manageable but then I got given the task to redecorate the whole of the window display. I had the help of another volunteer but it still was really difficult. To start with, the space you have around you is really limited and that meant if your arm didn't hit something, your bottom would. Then, we had to add another shelf for yarn to store and I went back to my normal routine. I don't know why, but we had to take off more clothes than we would normally from the racks - each item of clothing has a date and once that date passes, they have to come off. I guess someone forgot to do this last week.

Anyway, about halfway through my shift, my tights ripped. These tights were thin (15 denier) which meant one little hole could easily turn into a ladder. Well, this ladder, was the size of half my thigh and my thighs are huge. I tried so hard to cover it up with my shorts and I was so self-conscious about it and I didn't get a chance to change them until we got to the shopping centre. There, I bought a new pair to wear for the day. This was a pretty clever idea but I did just buy 5 new pairs of tights the day before... I texted my mum to grab some from home before getting me but she didn't get the message until she left. Whilst I was doing that, the rest of my family headed over to LEGO to buy my brother's present.

We had my brother's birthday lunch at a nice Italian restaurant and being the classy person that I am, I ordered spaghetti bolognese. Everyone else had pizza.
After lunch, we made our way to our favourite bowling place only to find that it closed down. Why did no one bother to tell us? This led to some quick decisions being made - should we go see a film instead? play mini golf? Anyway, we ended up going home and had a barbecue there instead. This disheartened my brother a bit since we haven't done anything as a family in a long time. But, when we got home, he cheered up straight away when he realized he was now able to play with his present.

It was a pretty good barbecue. We still didn't really bond as a family: I stayed in my room until the food was done; my other brother went off to be with his friends; my little sisters were in the living room playing; and birthday boy and my youngest brother were busy with the lego.

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