Sunday, 7 July 2013

My Brother's Birthday Weekend - Sunday


Today, I managed to wake up at 11am which isn't too bad. Since the weather was roasting hot today, we went swimming! We haven't done this in a long time and our local swimming pool is really boring and tiny so went to the one in Aylesbury. That swimming pool is awesome. I was too lazy to wear any make up since I was going to wear my sunglasses for most of the day anyway and my hair wasn't too bad so I didn't bother straightening it.

I don't have a swimsuit; I grew out of mine. When we went to the beach last summer, I just went into the water in my underwear and a pair of shorts. I wanted to swim and I was willing to buy a new swimsuit but then I saw the amount of people in the pool. It was way too much but it was expected considering it was a really hot day and the pool looked really refreshing. My brother looked like he was having the time of his life in the pool but he can't really swim that well. He did, however, jump around a lot and splashed my other family members in the pool.

After swimming, we bought my brother a new pair of crocs since his slippers broke whilst we were at the leisure centre. Then, we headed off to Wendover Woods to chill out and relax. I had my Frisbee on me so I threw that around with my other brother and my dad. Everyone else joined in later too. We also had our Nerf guns in the car so my dad and my brothers had a mini Nerf war in the woods. They were really loud; we could hear them from the picnic area...

We weren't there for a long time but the day was a lot better overall in comparison to yesterday. Our family was actually together and we all got along.

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