Friday, 19 July 2013

My First Summer Bike Ride

Today I got bored. I got really, really bored. I didn't plan on taking my bike for a ride until tomorrow - I was going to ride it to work. I don't really want to spend 90p every Saturday for a bus ride every week. It might not seem like much but it does add up really quickly.

Anyway, I went for a bike ride today around the local area. I just wanted to see how long I can last on a bike since I haven't been on one in over a year. I've had a go on some of friends' bikes but those rides never lasted longer than a few seconds - I could not reach the pedals; I am so tiny...

I didn't really plan a route - I just rode around the streets and followed the paths. On my little journey, I saw a Mystery Machine. An actual Mystery Machine! If you don't know what that is then shame on you! I managed to end up in streets that I didn't even know existed but I did manage to find my way back home again. Altogether, I was out and about for around 20 minutes which is great because that's roughly how long it takes to get to the charity shop on foot - it takes roughly 10 minutes to get to my siblings' primary school and it takes about 10 minutes from there to get to the town centre. I imagine it would take me around 15 minutes on a bike. I don't drive fast; I'm paranoid about driving into someone and falling into a shrub...

Around 6.45pm, I went on another bike ride, taking a different route, which lasted around 20 minutes as well. It was a lot quieter and more chilled. There were also barely any cars on the road so I drove on there and pretended to be a car (don't judge me). I went pretty fast down the roads which killed my legs and I'm pretty sure I have a bruised bum now.

Tomorrow, I'll be on my feet from 9am til 2pm so wish me luck! If I don't see a single improvement on my lower ab muscles and legs, I am throwing away this bike.

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