Saturday, 27 July 2013

My Top Ten Favourite Things

I've been tagged by Alex McGinniss (Amazing Alex) so enjoy!

My Top Ten Favourite Things
  1. Fashion Design: I love designing and sketching in my drawing pads. I have one for bag designs, one for clothes designs and one for anything - I take that one to school with me so when I finish work early, I can just sit there and draw. I want to be a designer when I'm older.
  2. "Monster" energy drinks: I absolutely love Monsters. There's something about them, I don't know what, that makes me go crazy hyper. I know it's an energy drink - that's their purpose - but I never have that much energy when I drink Lucozades or Relentless. I do have terrible sugar crashes and I tend to take it out on my friends; they have a thing against me drinking Monsters around them.
  3. Blogging: I started this blog as something to kill time with during half term breaks. I never thought that I'd get the amount of views I have now so it's just encouraged me to write more and more. I like sharing my ideas and experiences with people and this site has given me a stage for it.
  4. Iron Maiden: the best band ever! My favourite song and album? Fear of the Dark.
  5. Paramore: another one of my favourite bands. I loved Hayley Williams' fashion sense - it's daring but attractive.   
  6. My Phone: I have a Nokia Lumia 800 - my dad got me it for Christmas. My life totally depends on this thing working; through my phone I can get to my Facebook, Twitter and Blogger accounts easily. If it wasn't for my phone, I wouldn't be able to write this post since I am at the beach right now. But, when  I publish this, I will be at home.
  7. BBQ pizza: I am the kind of person that prefers fast food restaurants to fancy ones. Whenever my boyfriend and I go out on a date,you will find us at some point during the day eating a pizza together.
  8. Sunny weather: when it is sunny, I'm more encouraged to work and move around.
  9. XL tshirts: there is nothing more comfortable than an XL men's tshirt matched with a pair of shorts. It's the perfect lazy day outfit and you can easily turn it into a dress or long top with a belt around your waist.
  10. Going to the cinema: I love movies and going to see them with friends. It's a nice way to chill out and, if you're like me, the perfect way to get your friends to watch a horror movie with you. I usually pay with Tesco vouchers that my mum gets for me since I go to the cinema so often.
Thanks for reading! I don't have five people to tag since I don't have any other friend with a blog except for Carys Higgins so Carys, you've been tagged.

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