Sunday, 14 July 2013

No Water?

Out of all the places in the world, I never expected Britain to ever suffer a water shortage. But, with the hot weather, lack of rain, and a burst water main, it's happened. Everyone in and around where I live have gone off to Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's etc to buy loads of water. Some of my neighbours have come back with loads and loads of bottles of water. One was kind enough to give us one 2L bottle so we can have a drink since our mum's gone off to buy water for our house.

Not everything is off though. The hot water from our water tank is still running in the taps but since it's scorching hot, no one is using it...

This has really made me realise that just because something is really not likely to happen, doesn't mean it won't and you should always be prepared for anything. I woke up in the afternoon today assuming that it was just going to be any other day and I find out that we have absolutely no water. Then, I check the news and Cory Monteith is dead! What?

Yesterday was an absolutely roasting day - the hottest day of the summer so far. I was outside for the majority of the day with some friends and shopping for my bag project. I thought it wouldn't get any worse than that and then this happens?

But, I'm not suffering here. There are people out there who go days without food and water. I woke up today complaining in my head because I have to drink less than normally but there is someone in the world who'd be thankful for even half a cup of water. I'm not just talking about less economically developed countries but I know that's the first thought that people get when talking about the less fortunate. You forget that there are people around you who are also less fortunate. I realised this when I was fully awake and I'm taking this water shortage seriously. It's not expected to last long but you have to be prepared!

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