Saturday, 20 July 2013


So, it's officially summer break here in England. That means a high increase in ice cream and barbecue sales, a load of money for theme parks and a lot more people on the coastline. But, nothing great ever comes without any risk. I've been approached by people before - people that don't want to be your friend. Nothing has ever happened to me thanks to my parents; they may be overprotective but, at times, I'm really glad they are.

This summer, the NSPCC has launched a campaign called "The Underwear Rule" and it's basically a way to encourage parents to talk to their children about their bodies. It's a way of making sure that they don't fall for tricks and peer pressure that would make them feel sexually uncomfortable. The NSPCC do everything they can to prevent child abuse but it still exists. They are a British organization - I'm not completely sure how far their work has gone internationally but I just want to spread the word about them.

The reason I'm blogging about this is because I don't like seeing news about rape and assault towards young kids. I'm even more disgusted at how people treat these issues so casually now. People see this on the news, get shocked for about 5 minutes then carry on with their lives. If I was a parent, I wouldn't be so casual about it. Would you stay calm knowing your child could be next?

I think it's weird how parents don't feel comfortable about talking to their children. I've had "the talk" with my mum and my dad about boyfriends, periods and staying safe on the streets. I'm sure most people have. Those little conversations really do make a difference and you should keep in mind that you're doing in for the safety of your child.

If you want to find out more about "The Underwear Rule" then here is the link:
The Underwear Rule

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