Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Prom Night!

Okay, for this to make sense, you should really read my two previous blog posts:
I don't normally use names on my blogs because I don't feel comfortable with it but there's too many people here to be mentioned so I'll use them for today.

After getting ready, I went out to Marjie's house to take pictures. She doesn't live that far away and I also left pretty early so I was the first one there for a change. My mum just missed me going out of the house since she had work so she also went over to catch me and get a picture of me.

Our friends (Bradley, Carys, Sean, James, Luke) slowly started arriving after 5pm when  they were told to get there before 5pm. This time, I was the one telling them that they were late! Also, my boyfriend, Luke, gave me a purple corsage that was a real flower. I'm not completely sure on what type of flower it was but it was absolutely gorgeous. Anyway, Emily didn't show up since she was running late and decided that she'd just meet us at the prom hall. We had group photos done in their back garden with Bradley's dad who's a photographer. They were a lot of fun but the girls kept sinking into the mud thanks to their pointy heels. That was so funny. I was wearing thicker heels so that didn't happen to me although, I did lose my balance a couple of times because of the uneven ground.

After the photos, we expected the limo to be outside already but it was late. It was stuck in traffic on the motorway so we couldn't really do anything about that. We were outside for what felt like forever and when it eventually turned up, we weren't that disappointed; the limo driver was a cool guy and he even joined in with some of the photos! He was really nice and still offered to drive us around for the hour that we booked even though he was late. 

We were in the limo for only 30, maybe, 40 minutes. It was so much fun. I've never been in a limo before and I was the first one inside it. I had a whole side of the limo to myself. Luke, however, was the last one in so he sat opposite me and also had a whole side to himself. So he decided to take the opportunity to have a lie down. I would have done the same too if I wasn't wearing a short-skirted dress. It didn't last long though; he fell off when the limo came to a stop at one of the roads. We also had a bottle of bubbly non-alcoholic champagne. There was enough in it for a glass each and a little bit left over for James to drink straight from the bottle.

When we got to the prom hall, there were more professional photographers so we were really careful not to stumble as we exited the limo. I did lose my balance a bit but quickly regained it just as the picture was being taken. If I fell, I would have laughed it off anyway. Most people were already there and there was a massive crowd just itching to get inside the hall. We had more pictures taken with some friends and met up with some that we haven't seen since the end of school.

Inside, we had dinner first. We sat with RJ, JM and Angel (aka my Filipino buddies). They're awesome but it meant we had to steal another chair from a different table since there wasn't enough for all of us to fit. This lead to me having to share cutlery with Carys. The room filled up really quickly and, at the back of the room, the teachers' table was already full of alcohol.

After dinner, we had some awards like "Most Likely to Become a Prime Minister" and "Drama King and Queen" as well as crowning our prom king and queen. That went to Ben and Amy - they're probably the cutest couple ever. They spent their dance making out though but it was forgivable seeing that the moment did seem perfect. Other couples started joining in - including Carys and James - but being the shy and timid person that I am and the fact that Luke doesn't dance, we just sat down throughout the whole thing...

Two hours later, I was full of sugar - cake, tarts, chocolate, lemonade and coke. I was on that dance floor for the majority of the night. I even got Luke to dance which was fun although it didn't last long. I did keep leaving him though (I literally could not stop moving!) and I think he just gave up on me; I do feel really bad about it. Moving around the dance floor, you could see: the shy dancers in the corner; the grinders in the middle (not a pretty site); the ones that can't dance; the people who were really going for it; and my little circle of friends. I did have a sugar crash during the last 30 minutes of the night so I spend it sitting down outside with Luke to cool down and relax. My feet were aching so much. I danced without shoes on because of it. Also, my corsage fell off just before the end of prom and I left it in the hall. Oops.

When we got back to Marjie's after prom, we just changed into our pyjamas and talked. We were too tired to do anything else. One by one we just started to doze off.

The next morning, I was the last one to wake up which wasn't much of a surprise to everyone. We had cereal, checked Facebook, Twitter, and the site of the photographers for prom photos. We all left just before noon still half asleep.

Everyone looked amazing last night! 


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