Monday, 1 July 2013

Sensitive Skin

I'm one of those people that can't wear things like blush or foundation for more than two minutes because my skin just gets so irritated by it. For me, everything is just a big hassle: I have to use stuff that's hypoallergenic; I can only wear make up on my eyes and lips; I have to use toiletries for sensitive skin. Now, I know it's easier to get stuff for sensitive skin nowadays since skincare brands take more notice of people like us. But, my face just cannot take any chemicals touching it at all. This has led me to heavily rely on natural products and home-made mixtures to take care of it.

The main thing I rely on is the oats to make oatmeal which can be bought in Tesco for a reasonable price...
Anyway, thanks to people like "Bubzbeauty" on Youtube, the condition of my face has improved by so much. After the first few times I used it, the amount of spots on my face reduced massively and I did get really soft skin; I couldn't stop stroking my face for a whole hour. The only thing you need for it is oatmeal, some water and a bowl (Bubz didn't use one but I found it easier to put the oatmeal in a bowl). The actual procedure is really messy - it takes me forever to clean up after I wash my face. However, being the hygiene-freak that I am, I really don't care. As long as there's something available and easy to use for someone with extremely sensitive skin like me, I'm happy. Sometimes, I like to mix in the ash from a teabag with the oatmeal mixture so I have something better to exfoliate my face with as well since the oats aren't the greatest. I've learnt not to put all of the contents of the teabag in as that seriously hurt my face and it gave my face a dark brown stain...

I'm not writing this to promote natural or home-made products; I'm just making you aware that there's ways around using chemicals that could seriously hurt or burn your face and body. Basically, just be more aware of what you're putting on yourself.

If you're super sensitive like I am, just know that there is hope for us and we don't have to suffer because there isn't something ready-made in the shops for us. A little bit of DIY can go a long way.

Bubzbeauty has a lot of people watching her videos and you've probably come across a few of them yourself unless you're a fan and has seen pretty much every single video of hers. But, in case you haven't seen it, here's the link for the oatmeal wash:

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  1. Hi I'm Alex! :) I discovered your blog on twitter. I have combination to oily skin, so I'm kind of the opposite I guess. I have to use special products to help absorb the excess oil and what not. Super cute blog! I'm sure a lot of people will find this post really useful. Maybe you could do a guest post for my blog on something similar to this sometime. I would love to do a collab! :)

    ~Alex :)


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