Saturday, 13 July 2013

Summer Is Not A Competition

We all know that everyone tones up and goes to the gym more often when it's the summer time. We all want to look good in our swimwear, shorts, vests, etc. Summer is the time to show more skin and to tan. But, there are a lot of people that take this way too far.

Yes, more skin showing is accepted during the summer but the amount seriously does depend on where you are. I was at the shopping centre last week and there was a girl with shorts that showed half of her bottom. Not a pretty site at all and the fact that we were going towards the same direction was really uncomfortable for me. I'm amazed at how the people she was with were alright with her dressed like that. I know she wore them to get looks from guys but she did look around 14 years old... At the beach, that would have probably been an acceptable item of clothing to wear but in a shopping centre in the middle of the city in the middle of England? No way!

Likewise, there are a lot of orange people walking around now. I don't know about you but "oompa-loompa orange" is probably the least attractive colour a person can be. Whoever did your tan did a terrible job. Also, if you are planning on using fake tan, don't do it yourself if you're not an expert. There are people who are professionals at it and it is not that expensive. And, if you're already quite coloured then there is no need for you to have a fake tan done. It's better to be natural that to be mistaken for a very large bottle of Fanta.

Summer is not a competition to see who can bare the most skin or who can get the darkest tan. It's a time to relax and be stress free so take a chill pill and don't worry about your looks so much. If you're the kind that can dare to bare then, please, do it at the beach. If you're anywhere else, I don't want to see your bottom or your breasts!

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