Monday, 15 July 2013

That Bag Project - Part 2

I'm really getting into this project now. I woke up early today to babysit my sister whilst my mum was taking everyone else to school and since then, I just couldn't sleep. I'm guessing I was half asleep at some point because I had another weird zombie apocalypse dream... I should really blog about those.

Anyway, I've finished cutting out all of the fabric pieces. I started this last night and finished around 1pm. It took me about 3 hours altogether; it would have taken me a lot less if I had more pins but I forgot to buy some so I'll do that this weekend. I still need to buy the lace and Velcro which means I can't sew the pieces on together yet.

I still have a lot of black gingham fabric left over - lining too - but the skirt I used for the denim pieces is completely wrecked.

I had to cut out the bag handle in pieces since the skirt wasn't long enough to cut out a whole strip in one go which wasn't too much of a problem. I just need to sew them together and make sure that it's long enough.

One of my friends also asked me to make a mini plush toy version of himself so I might do that after this project. Considering I've never made anything other than clothing and bags, this should make for an interesting project if I go ahead with it.

That Bag Project - Part 1

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