Thursday, 25 July 2013

That Bag Project - Part 4

Last Monday, I bought some more black thread and Velcro from the fabric store nearby. Yes, I did go on my bike since it's only 20 minutes away. Whilst I was on my bike, I blasted Iron Maiden, Capture the Crown and Black Veil Brides into my ears. The songs got me going for the whole bike ride; I'm not really a pop person...

I had no idea that the store sold Velcro or bag straps; they were placed in the most obscure places. I found them whilst having a look around and, if I knew the straps were there, I wouldn't have made one on my own.  But, in my opinion, I find that the denim strap looks a lot better in comparison to the ready made nylon ones. I've sewn the straps flat now since i have more black thread - it's not a tube anymore.

I've also sewn the loops that the bag hooks will go through to attach the strap to the bag. I still haven't bought them yet, along with the strap adjusters, but I will soon. I don't really need them yet so I don't think I'll get them until next week. I didn't realize that I'd sewn the wrong sides together with one of the loops but I'm hoping I can hide that later on.

Furthermore, I've cut and sewn the Velcro strips onto the bag pieces with a zigzag stitch. I tried using a straight stitch but then I realized that the sides of the Velcro frayed.

That Bag Project - Part 1

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