Friday, 26 July 2013

That Bag Project - Part 5

I've sewn the pieces together. That is pretty much the only thing that happens here.

I managed to sew some pieces on the wrong way around so I had to take those off and then stitch them back on. That wasn't the easiest thing to do but I did it. I put a lot of care into this project to make sure everything goes right so it took me forever to take pieces off since I didn't want to rip anything.

I started with the lining. This was pretty easy. I sewed everything together then zigzag stitched the edges so they don't fray. I have no idea if there's actually a technical term for the "zigzag stitch" but that's what we called it at school because it's literally a zigzag.

The outside of it is covered in interfacing so it has a bit more strength. Without it, I don't think the lining would have stayed upright.

After I had sewn the main body together, I added the flap with the Velcro sewn onto it.

And then I just did the exact same process with the actual bag pieces. I did sew the sides on the wrong way around so I had to take those off again. The mark from the needle was really obvious on the leather but I tried my best to hide it.

At the moment, the bag is pretty flat so, hopefully, when I put the lining inside, it will be a bit more 3D.

I've done all of this work in my room. It's a really tiny place so my bed doubles as my desk chair - I move the pillows out of the way so I can sit down. Some day, I'd really like my own studio so this project does mean a lot to me. It's the first one I've done that's not a school project or for a competition. I paid for everything and planned everything out myself. Altogether, this cost me £19.26 - it would have cost me a few pounds less if I ordered everything online but that meant waiting a long time and I am only 15 minutes away from a fabric store. 

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