Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Best Cop Show Ever

Last night, Carys's nosey little self took over her - the police questioned her last night because she saw a fight outside her nan's house.

Anyway, this led us to talk about cop shows and atmospheric music so we accidentally created our own little show which will never happen. It was a brilliant idea though. We never really planned any scenes that would happen; we only thought of the basic things... So, here's our show:

Title: The Back-Ups
TV Catchphrase: The people to call when you have absolutely nowhere else to go

Background: We're two women who are detectives (woohoo) and we have our own little detective business where people go when the police refuse to investigate their cause. We're good detectives but we're not too good. We're also in it for the money but we don't cost too much because we want people to use our detective services.

We look professional (we wear blazers) but are actually quite the opposite (we get the work done though so don't worry). We like to drink and we take turns driving our one business car; the driver will be the one who is more sober which will probably be Carys...

We have no idea what to call our business, what our first crime to solve will be and the actual plot of the first season. Like I said, we only worked out the basics. This happens with most of our little ideas; we give up on them or forget really quickly about them. This is like the comedy show we thought up during maths with Sean and James. That one was also thought out pretty well - they get to a "Pilot" episode but I think that was it.

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts, please post them in a comment on this post. It would be fun to see how far this idea can go.

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