Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A Day Of Rest

Today was the first day, in a long time, that I could stay at home and put my feet up. I woke up around 11am since my sister had a hospital appointment at 1pm so I had to look after my siblings. My mum took both of my sisters to the hospital so I could chill out. My youngest brother was outside with his friends and my other brothers stayed indoors.

I stayed at the top of the stairs where I read more of my book. It was weirdly comfortable up there. I read quite a few pages and I checked on my brother outside from time to time.

When my mum got home, she had pizza. It was spicy and my little siblings ate it with the top scraped off; my didn't know it was spicy when she bought it.

Around 5pm, I went cycling for half an hour. I felt like giving up after 20 minutes but I really wanted to see how far I could go and to push myself. I purposely led myself to the bottom of the hill we live on so I could cycle back up. I did this next to the roads so I had to keep going - I didn't want to make a fool of myself. When I got home, I was sweating so much and I was really hot; I wore a hooded  jumper so that I would sweat more so I kind of expected to return home as a walking puddle of sweat.

Today has been pretty relaxed and chilled out. I spend a lot of time reading and sitting. I also ate nearly half of a watermelon and an apple. I haven't had fruit in a long, long time.

Book Update - page 400

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