Thursday, 29 August 2013

A Day Out: MK Gallery

Yesterday, I went to MK Gallery with one of my close friends. I needed to find an artist in there that I liked and could research about. Frankly, I found most of the art pieces weird or boring; one of the artist's paintings looked like they were done by a 5 year old. It was contemporary art, which I am not a fan of, so it was hard to find someone. I did eventually spot one - Robin Dixon. His paintings were really nice and attractive and looked easy enough to replicate and study. I need to pass Art this year!

After that, we went to the shopping centre and had a look around. We went to pretty much all of the shops and I tried some things on. In the end, I bought a new top and skirt from h&m and my friend bought nothing. He had a look around everywhere and liked some things but then decided he didn't after. I thought I was a fussy shopper! I know for a fact that he's reading this so hey, Bradley!

I arrived home around 6pm and I was really tired but I had enough effort to upload the pictures I took and printed them out so that I could complete the Art homework already.

Today, I finished both of my Art and Design work so I only have English to worry about; I'll definitely get started on that tomorrow.

I also finished typing up my post for my collab blog with Alex ( so that should be up tomorrow. That's pretty much all for now.

Collab blog:

*Book Update - Page 381*

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