Thursday, 22 August 2013

GCSE Results

I got my results today!

I did really well, if I say so myself, and I really hope that everyone else passed too. My results are:

Maths - A*
English Language - A
English Literature - A
Science - A*
Additional Science - A
Italian - A*
Statistics - B
Art - B
Textiles - A
History - A
Business (Double Award) - AA
Religious Studies - A*

Yes, I'm a nerd, geek, weirdo, whatever! If this made you feel down then remember that I am Asian and, therefore, stereotypically smart so you shouldn't compare yourself to me.

As a reward, my dad bought me a new Acer Chromebook to use for sixth form. I'm on it right now and I'm still trying to adjust to the tiny keyboard. I'm planning on making this my main laptop since my current one can't function unless it's plugged in. The webcam is also a lot better in quality so I might go back to vlogging again. Who knows? I have taken down my old videos because they were absolutely terrible.

This Chromebook is okay - it has all of Google's features but it took forever to get the internet connection up and running. It just refused to co-operate.

Anyway, if anyone else reading this has just gotten their GCSEs or GCEs, I want to know what you got!

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