Friday, 9 August 2013

I Needed To Clean

Remember that magazine weave box I made a few months ago? I put my stationary in it and lately, it's been refusing to co-operate. The pens and pencils in it wouldn't stand up on their own anymore so I put dividers in the box. I feel a lot better now.
Before and After

However, the shelves and drawer within my bedroom desk was a mess. I have a load of school books that I haven't thrown away; my mum's a sentimental person and doesn't let me put them in the bin. I forced myself to clean that up too. On the top shelf, everything, and I mean everything, was useless. There was make-up that I haven't touched since Year 7, a broken hair dryer, broken toys and paper. Look at all of this space!

In my cabinet, I keep cardboard because I know I'll have some use for them later on. Within the massive pile of cardboard, I found a "Skechers" shoe box so I took the lid off and put my perfumes and colognes in it as well as my nail polish remover. I thought it would be enough to fill the shelf but apparently not.

I didn't have anything else to put in there but after a rummage through my cabinet I decided to add my watercolours, make up and small box of key rings. I used to be obsessed with collecting key rings. I'd have a few on each of my bags and my friends would complain since I'd jingle everywhere I go.

Anyway, the top drawer now has my make-up bag, my nail polish bag and other stuff. My middle shelf has my perfumes, and the bottom drawer has all of my old school books.

This isn't everything. This shelf is pretty full now.

My room may look clean now, but open the doors to my cabinet and my wardrobe and all you'll find is a mess!


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    1. I've rearranged it since then. It's all completely different. I am such a neat freak sometimes.


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