Saturday, 10 August 2013

A Day Out: Never Watch Horror Films Alone

Today, after volunteering, I went to the city shopping centre and then to Cineworld with a friend to watch "The Conjuring." It was a really good day overall and my feet hurt from all of the walking.

We met up near McDonald's, as usual, then went around the shops to hunt for clothes for sixth form. However, we didn't actually buy any - the clothes we're too slutty and most of the clothes we wanted were quite expensive. Is it me, or is New Look getting really pricey with their clothes? I swear there was a time when tops from there cost around £6 and not £20.

Anyway, when we reached "The Works", my favourite place for art supplies and stationary, I saw the sign "We're Closing!" everywhere! Everything was on sale and I bought a big pad of lined paper. I don't know if I should have bought a folder as well but I can always go to WHSmith for those. I'm wondering if that's why they're closing - WHSmith is more popular and bigger as well.

After that, we went to see "The Conjuring." The trailers before the movie really put us in the right mood; they were all horror films. We sat in the back row and hid our faces behind our hands and our hoodies for the majority of the film. I can honestly say that my friend is a lot braver than I am - she managed to keep her hands away for a longer time than I could manage. It was a really, really good film!

When that was all over and done with, she went home and I went to McDonald's for food. I'm not as shaken up as I thought I would be but I think that's because it's pretty bright outside still. The last time we saw a horror movie together was when the sky started to darken around 5pm and we left with the sky pitch black outside - we watched "Mama" together; it had a terrible story line, I have to admit, but the jump scares were pretty good.

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