Friday, 2 August 2013


During one of my bike rides a few days ago, some random guy stopped me and started talking to me. He said he saw me the day before which was pretty believable - it's hard to miss someone on a pink bike in a bright pink hooded jumper with "ATLANTA" printed on the front. Then, he started asking me where I live, what my name was and what my number was. Of course, I lied about everything, didn't give him my number and desperately tried to look for a way out. The area where I live doesn't have the greatest reputation when it comes to safety so you have to be alert when you're going in and around it.

The conversation I had with him was very brief since he got creepier and creepier. He said he would be my friend and that he would give me his number. Again, I told him "no thanks" since I was really wary on my actions and surroundings. I knew that if I accepted, I would need to take my hands off of my bike which would have made me an easy target since I couldn't run or cycle; I kept a firm grip on my bike's handles. In the end, I told him I had to go and sped off on my bike. I took the opposite turn to where I was supposed to go (home) in case he was still watching me. I'm still quite wary and I've been avoiding the area where I saw him for a while now. Hopefully, I don't bump into him again.

This also meant that I had to cut my route short but it started raining so I didn't mind. I only completed 15 minutes on my bike on that day.

Be careful on who you bump into. They may look friendly but if you pay close attention to their words, you can pick up their intentions quite well. I really didn't want to stick around for any longer after I heard the words "I know a shortcut for you to take" - I didn't tell him exactly where I lived. I said I lived near the area - not in the area - and didn't give away anything else about me. I lied about my age since I look like a 14 year old. I didn't want to be an even more ""attractive" target than I already was.

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