Thursday, 8 August 2013

Life Updates 08/08/13

Updates! We love those, don't we?

  1. I have added a Google+ Followers button onto my blog. It's right at the top of the grey line of buttons along the right side of the page. Right there ---------------------------------------------------->
  2. I've decided that I'm going to go back to posting when I feel like it. It's less work for me and I've been pretty busy lately.
  3. I've finished "A Game of Thrones" and I really want the second book - "A Clash of Kings" - and if there are any other books people recommend then, please, inform me. I haven't watched a lot of TV since my brothers have found their love for the whole Halo series again. I'd join them but I haven't played in ages so I probably suck at it now.
  4. Tomorrow is Friday! You know what that means? A new post on my collab blog with Amazing Alex. To check it out, click here or the tab under the title of this page which says "Fashion Fridays."
  5. I'm still looking for a job and, to be honest, I'm getting pretty desperate. I am making a bag and plush toy for a few friends of mine (they're paying me). I really want money for a bigger sewing machine. The one I have right now is made to fix tears and holes; it's not made for crafts! 
That's pretty much it. I am really tired - I'm out a lot, staying up late and cycling nearly every day. 

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