Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Where Did I Go?

I'm really sorry I didn't say anything about my little week away but I'm back now and I think it's time that I fill you in on the details.

Day 1
 We went to Bibury Trout Farm to fish for some trout and then barbeque them on site. The place is really nice. It's located in Bibury which is an old village and the buildings are all made out of cotswold stone. The farm is next to the river that runs through it and a bit is cut off where the trout is and you can fish for them. I got the first one for our barbecue!

I apologise for the cheesy face...

There were also loads of bigger ponds that contain more trout and you're able to buy cups of food pellets and throw them in the water. There was also a man there going around and making sure all of them were fed.

It did rain just after we arrived so we moved to a different picnic table under a tree with a barbecue stand so we had no need for the disposable ones we bought.

After fishing, we went to a pub called "Ye Olde Inne" in Westerleigh. On the way there, I felt we were lost but my dad had complete trust in our satnav. I had a cheese and bacon burger for dinner and a summer fruits crumbly for dessert. It was delicious! You could tell the crumbly was home made. It was really hot though and burned my tongue.

As soon as dinner was over, we went to our hotel which was in Bristol. Since there are so many of us in the family, we had to have two rooms; the girls were in one upstairs and the boys were in the one directly below us. Outside our window you could see the Severn Bridge which takes you to North Wales.

Day 2
I had pot noodles for breakfast. It was raining in and around Bristol so we had to find somewhere that was sunny. We ended up taking a two hour drive to Weymouth beach - one of the stoniest beaches ever. When we were walking alongside the beach, there was a gull with a broken wing and people were desperately trying to get it so it could be taken to be helped. We didn't go to the sandy side because it was far from where we parked and we didn't really know it existed until we left... 

Anyway, I went for a swim and it was freezing. The water was really shallow and it was hard to constantly crouch down and keep my body under water. There was seaweed in the sea (obviously) but it really freaked me out. I got scared of my own shadow and jumped thinking it was a big fish...

Then, we went to play minigolf just before we left.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at one of the services and the family got a Burger King family meal and I got a caramel frappe from Starbucks - I wasn't very hungry.

Day 3
I woke up around 10am and had instant oatmeal for breakfast. We checked out soon after and headed to the beach.

We went to Burnham-on-sea thinking it would be nice. It was the murkiest beach ever. The water was brown from sand and did not look safe at all.

We had lunch there - fish and chips - and went to the shortest pier in the UK.

The only thing in that pier was an arcade and it wasn't very big. I managed to get enough tickets for a bouncy ball so I got a pink one with green stars. We then left to go to Haven (caravan park) in Devon Cliffs, Exmouth . I fell asleep during the car journey but I was awake to see this staring at me outside of the window.

When we got there, we settled in to the caravan and went up to the arcade they had. It was massive! We won more tickets and decided to save up for the last day. On the claw game, we won a "Supersponge" version on SpongeBob and an Angry Bird light-up toy. That night, the kids in our family all had their onesies on as well (including me).

Day 4
I woke up late...

We had a cooked breakast for once and then went to the pool.

During that night, we went to one of the shows and during the disco, my dad got told off for sitting on the stage with my little sister. The show itself had a very hyper-active host who was hilarious. 

There were mascots there as well to perform for the kids. 

Day 5
We went to Sandy Bay beach which was within the caravan park. When my siblings, my dad and I went to the rock pools, I fell over... twice...
The first time was right the beginning, just after I got onto the rocks; the second time was on the way back. I had the bucket with the little fish we caught and I spilled it all back into the pools... My dad may have been upset but I consider myself to be the life saver of those little fish.

Back on the actual beach, I sculpted a fish out of sand.

 My little sister trampled on it after so I turned it into a a castle.

The last thing we did after the beach was go back to the arcade and win more tickets. In the end, we got 1,044 tickets. My brother got a toy gun, the other one got a sword, my sisters got a fairy wand and crayons and my dad got a domino set. Me? Nothing. There wasn't really anything there for people above 13 years old unless you got around 3,000 tickets. Then, I would have gotten myself another watch.

We left Devon around 8.15pm and we got home at around 12.30am...

I recorded everything on a word document on my phone so I could write this blog post. My memory is not brilliant at all.

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