Sunday, 11 August 2013

A Day Out: Woburn Safari Park

Today, our family went to Woburn Safari Park to, obviously, visit the animals and chill out.

The first thing we did was the safari. We saw the popular zoo animals: elephants, rhinos, monkeys, lions and bears. They were roaming around freely in this gigantic space of grass, hills and ponds. Frankly, the animals looked bored out of their minds. They did approach some of the cars though which was great; it was nice to see some of them up close. During the drive around, one of the zebras got isolated between two lanes of cars. Most cars did give it a gap to pass through but it refused. Eventually, it was chased away by one of the stags and nearly ended up in the monkey enclosure. That would have been hilarious! The monkeys would climb from car to car and hitch a ride until the car would stop again. People were putting food on their car windows to make them sit on their cars - it wasn't allowed but it sure was hilarious - and my mum got annoyed because none of the monkeys would sit on our car.

We also passed some deer and elephants going for a walk. There was also a giraffe that kept staring at our car and it also felt like it was staring directly at me. It was really creepy. My brother hated it when we opened the window to see them better since he was afraid that they would eat him.

After that, we went around the closed area of the park where the animals were fenced up. I went into the squirrel monkey enclosure, with the family, and saw monkeys leaping from tree branch to tree branch. I'm pretty sure the fences weren't high enough to keep them inside. In the bird enclosure, there were lots of tropical birds around. At first, it didn't seem like there were a lot - there were two that were fighting and the rest were perched up on the bars of the greenhouse's structure, resting. When you opened a few bushes and get a peak under some leaves, there were loads more! One nearly flew straight into my face; it was quite terrifying!

But, my favourite enclosure was the meerkat enclosure. They were so adorable and cheeky. The would hide under a cave made of sticks whenever they would hear a plane, bang or any big noise. Then, one by one, they would peer out on the entrances and come out again. They weren't afraid to approach people either.

Just before we went home again, we stopped by a tall play structure with a slide and rope ladders. I liked sitting at the top; I had a nice view. When I went down the slide, I landed on my bum on the ground and it really hurt. I didn't think I'd be sliding down it so fast that I couldn't stop. After that, we had our dinner on one of the picnic tables and went home.


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